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♫ ♪ Listen ♪ ♫

David Gray, arguably the greatest songwriter out there, just released his newest album “Draw the Line”. This is one of my favourite songs off it. The lyrics are amazing. I CANNOT wait to see him at Massey Hall at the end of October.

Wars of the bidding-on-a-house kind suck.

I put my head down on my couch last night at 7:00 and woke up at 5:30 this morning. This was completely unintentional on my part, but probably necessary due to the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Truth be told, the only thing that woke me was my alarm clock going off upstairs in my bedroom. It’s strange how that wretched sound, no matter how distant it is, manages to always wake me from a dead coma.

The afternoon yesterday was spent touring open houses in the neighbourhoods I am really focused on in Toronto. We even saw some that weren’t on our list….and definitely not in our price range. Bad move, since Shelby managed to fall in love with a beautiful old house filled with charming dark wood trim, hardwood floors, and a floor plan that seemed to go on endlessly, (the place was right out of a movie…with yet another door that leads to hidden spaces with another door that leads to another staircase that leads to more rooms, and on and on and on it went). Try wiping that out of the memory of a 16-yr old who dreams of being in a house where she can’t hear me calling for her. But with a $600,000 price tag….it was a little out of reach…..even if it seemed like a great deal for that price.

With that said, I did manage to fall in love with the house I hoped I would. I’ve learned that the real estate game can be a very misleading one…and Shelby started to learn it yesterday. Houses, for the most part, don’t look anything like they are represented as in the photos. In person, they’re smaller…and all the faults (big and small) are right there in front of you. In the photo, the kitchen floor looks great. In person, you’re standing on what feels like a wet sponge, with the selling agent is telling you it needs a new sub-floor.



Shelby wrote this when she was 13. She’s an incredible poet, and maybe she’ll let me post more in the future. Dark, but awesome.

Life beyond words
Living inside another’s box
Trapped behind their shadow
Their dreams, hopes
forced religion
…beliefs. Such humiliation.
The black shadows surround your fear.
you can feel the coldness near.
You cannot see anything
but you know everything.
be brave
be brave
and maybe someone will save.

I’m afraid I’m being stupid and half way through think, “screw this”.

My 16 year old daughter – the love of my life – has started writing a book of her life. I thought I would pull an excerpt from it and throw it up here. The title of the entry is what Shelby said when I was finished typing it. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I was assigned work, but I’m just not really in the mood. A few girls are talking about how many times they went to Wonderland this summer……I knew what they were talking about before they even said it. I mean, what else is exciting around here other then places miles away?


Live a little, gain a lot.

I had a conversation yesterday that reminded me of this video. When I first saw it on YouTube months ago, it instantly became one of my favourites – earmarked for future viewing. Now approaching 1.9 million views on YouTube (and that’s not counting all the subsequent videos of him that have since popped up), the “dancing man from Sasquatch” has gone completely viral.

At first, I wasn’t sure of why I was so fascinated by the video…..of what kept drawing me back to it time and time again, short of the obvious – the unorthodox moves this guy is busting out that are so completely out of sync with the music. That, in itself, is hilarious. But upon further thought, I realized this video resonates with me on two totally different levels.



Happy to report that my house sold this morning. It’s been quite a ride….but the papers are signed and that part of this mission is finally over.

I originally had one offer come in on Monday – quite low actually. I recall spitting my coke out when I read out. Straight for the sensitive spot, I tell you. Its a good thing I don’t have balls. What my agent then did was send out a notification to all the agents who walked their clients through to let them know an offer has been submitted. It turns out the Sunday night couple fell in love….and they eventually came in yesterday evening with an offer as well. So I had two offers…and then a bidding war which dribbled all the way into this morning when a third counter offer from the second couple beat out the last counter from the first couple. Yeah, it gets confusing. Even my head was spinning in the end.

Good thing that second offer came in. Wow. That certainly lit a match under the first couple’s ass, I tell ya.


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