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A little bit of context and education goes a long way: A case for the Pit Bull.

I recently found myself in the murky waters of the dog hating cesspool of social media. Not the best place to be when you’re an avid dog lover. But I bit the bait and got sucked in and within a few hours, was banned from two FB groups which advocated for the culling of pit bulls. Another reason to believe FB is the devil’s work because it gives too many people a platform to spew vitriol, hatred and propaganda without any supporting facts.

As the owner of a rescue Pit mix, this kind of crap gets my blood boiling, especially since Casi is the sweetest creature on the planet (and anyone who has had the good fortune of meeting her knows this). It’s not that I don’t understand their position….because I do, but they’re wrong. Understanding why these anti-pit bull groups think the way they do is one thing. But supporting it is another, and I definitely do not support ignorance, especially when you look at the effects of it. The reality is, if they just took the time to educate themselves, they’d figure out that all that energy and emotion is being misdirected.