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Sweet as birthday cake…

So…as most know, I hate my birthday. It’s that one day of the year that I dread these days, simply because I’m getting old. Let’s face it…even if I don’t look my age, I still am my age. And that truly sucks balls, because I’m moving up on the big 4-0 and that scares the shit out of me.

In case you’re wondering, I just turned 38 this past Tuesday. That’s a lotta candles. I’m almost at that point where it will no longer be individual candles, but rather the two number candles. 4 and 0. You know the ones. Good god the thought makes me ill.

*breathes deeply and lobs the Oil of Olay on…..*


Random acts of kindness – 1/143

Today marks the beginning of my 101 things to do in a 1001 days….and no, there’s no irony intended between that and the fact that it’s April Fools Day Happy

So…en route into the office this morning, as I sat on the Lakeshore waiting for the light to turn green, a homeless man was walking among the cars, begging. I couldn’t pull my wallet out fast enough, so I handed him a couple of cigarettes.

In return: a massive, completely toothless smile, some muttering about how I brought him beautiful sunshine amidst the rainy weather, and an overall awesome feeling for me, (try it sometime, you’ll see!). So that’s one ticked off the random acts of kindness item. Only 143 more to go!

101 things in 1001 days…

Day Zero Project

The mission: Complete 101 pre-determined tasks in 1001 days.

For more information, see Day Zero Project.

My list of 101 things to complete can be found on the right hand side of this page (scroll down). As I complete each of them (crosses fingers), I will mark it off on the list and link to the blog entry describing it, along with photos where applicable.

Commencement date of project: April 01, 2009. Wish me luck!