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Don’t take it personally, but I would punch your mother for a cigarette right now.

So, as smart as I consider myself on a general basis, I did a really stupid thing 28 years ago – I started smoking. Yep, at the tender age of 13, I lit up my first cigarette in an attempt to look ‘cool’ in front of this guy that I really liked at the time. He was the typical ‘bad boy’ – leather jacket, drinker, smoker, bag of weed in his back pocket…..and me – the athletic geek who was captain of the school bus patrol team.

Then I did another stupid thing 16 years ago. I started smoking again after I had my daughter and finished breast-feeding her. I quit cold-turkey the day I found out I was pregnant and didn’t touch another cigarette until she was 2.

And then I did another stupid thing 5 years ago. I started smoking again after successfully quitting for 7 years.


I worship the fruit…and I ain’t talkin’ bout the black one.

Everyone knows I’m an Apple fan through and through. I worship the fruit. My iPhone is my own personal Jesus. Apple is heaven. And Steve Jobs is as close to God as we’re ever going to get.

Of course, today marked the day when the world sat in anticipation with baited breath, waiting for the world’s worst kept secret to be officially announced by Apple.

I was initially skeptical over the iPad, which seemed like nothing more then an overweight iPod Touch. But it’s actually starting to grow on me now that I’ve dug a bit deeper into the www in search of more information. It has some pretty funky new features, and applications designed specifically for it such as iBooks and iWork, and at a mere 1.5 lbs, it’s lighter then any netbook out there, (but not small enough to fit in your pocket!).


Swallow…expand…and be done with it.

Noo..this isn’t the story about my date the other night. Sorry to disappoint, but this pertains to my earlier idea.

For me, eating is such a f*cking waste of time. You cook for 2 hours, you eat for 10 minutes and then you’re spent cleaning up the mess for another hour, only to just expel it out 4 hours later (sorry, but I don’t know how else to put that). I’m not going to attach a time factor to the latter part of the process because everyone is different (I’ve seen guys disappear into the bathroom for an hour and a half with a newspaper, so…).

My idea completely eliminates 3 hours, 9 minutes and 55 seconds of time wasted going through the above-mentioned procedure, minus the bathroom adventures.

Remember those little pill things that they used to sell in Toys-R-Us that you dropped into a bowl of water and they “magically” expanded into some dinosaur, or animal, or truck? They should make non-astronaut food like this. A simple little pill you swallow that hits your tummy and expands (nomnomnom) and BAM! You’re full. It could be a burger, or steak with potatoes, or a garden salad. Whatever you want. I dunno….just a thought I had this morning while slaving over my omelette.