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A little bit of context and education goes a long way: A case for the Pit Bull.

I recently found myself in the murky waters of the dog hating cesspool of social media. Not the best place to be when you’re an avid dog lover. But I bit the bait and got sucked in and within a few hours, was banned from two FB groups which advocated for the culling of pit bulls. Another reason to believe FB is the devil’s work because it gives too many people a platform to spew vitriol, hatred and propaganda without any supporting facts.

As the owner of a rescue Pit mix, this kind of crap gets my blood boiling, especially since Casi is the sweetest creature on the planet (and anyone who has had the good fortune of meeting her knows this). It’s not that I don’t understand their position….because I do, but they’re wrong. Understanding why these anti-pit bull groups think the way they do is one thing. But supporting it is another, and I definitely do not support ignorance, especially when you look at the effects of it. The reality is, if they just took the time to educate themselves, they’d figure out that all that energy and emotion is being misdirected.


This isn’t your dad’s Playboy magazine anymore.

News broke today of Rehtaeh Parson’s death; another teenage suicide in a long list of teenage suicides that continue to shock us all, but sadly never result in any change.

This time, a 17 year girl from Cole Harbour who was the victim of rape, and then subsequent bullying due to the unbelievably arrogant distribution of photos of the rape, saw suicide as the only way to silence the noise.

Two years ago, Rehtaeh – like most teenagers at some point in their lives – attended a party and drank too much.  When she lost her cognition to the alcohol, the vultures moved in. Four boys her own age who, through a combination of misguided parenting and an inflated sense of ego, decided she was no longer entitled to her dignity. They raped her. And they photographed the rape. And then they distributed that photograph to a few, who then shared with the many.


Don’t take it personally, but I would punch your mother for a cigarette right now.

So, as smart as I consider myself on a general basis, I did a really stupid thing 28 years ago – I started smoking. Yep, at the tender age of 13, I lit up my first cigarette in an attempt to look ‘cool’ in front of this guy that I really liked at the time. He was the typical ‘bad boy’ – leather jacket, drinker, smoker, bag of weed in his back pocket…..and me – the athletic geek who was captain of the school bus patrol team.

Then I did another stupid thing 16 years ago. I started smoking again after I had my daughter and finished breast-feeding her. I quit cold-turkey the day I found out I was pregnant and didn’t touch another cigarette until she was 2.

And then I did another stupid thing 5 years ago. I started smoking again after successfully quitting for 7 years.


Why the Home Buyers Plan needs an overhaul.

With news outlets recently reporting that the Toronto Land Transfer tax – introduced in 2008 by then-mayor David Miller – might be on the chopping block, it got me thinking. To begin, if this ridiculous tax is removed, I’ll be pissed if they don’t grandfather it. I happened to be one of the individuals who bought a house in Toronto in 2009 and let me tell you, I got hammered by land transfer fees….to the tune of $10,000+. To me, this is a LOT of money.

Of course, I realize that the reality of this happening (the grandfathering, that is) is pretty much nil. We are talking about politicians here and my hard-earned-taxed-to-fucking-death-dollar is too busy paying for their frivolous ways to be returned to my wallet.

So, that got me spinning on another related topic that has always been a hornet’s nest for me: The Home Buyers Plan (HBP). What a ridiculous sham this is. In case you don’t know what the HBP is, it allows first-time home buyers to withdraw up to $25,000 in a calendar year to put toward the down-payment of a house. The beauty of it is, you have 15 years to repay it back into your RRSP before you get crucified with taxes.


At the end of a rope.

Earlier this evening, I attended the memorial service for a friend who, amidst the chaos that life can throw at you, decided that the easiest route out was to tie a rope around his neck and end it all.

Words cannot describe just how incredibly sad this entire situation is. It is a tragedy, heavily compounded by the fact that there are two beautiful babies involved here.

Considering the amount of people that were in attendance – each with their own memories – it’s hard to understand why he didn’t reach out for help when so much was available.


Suing Rogers for breaking up her marriage.

Now, let me start by saying that, as a whole, I’m not a fan of Rogers. Granted, they’ve done some REALLY great things for me in the past (note: cell phone fiasco). However, I still believe they’re pirate hookers when it comes right down to it.

With that said, the recent headlines around one Toronto woman – Gabriela Nagy – suing Rogers for what she terms a “breach of privacy” just reeks of a certain sentiment that’s prevalent south of the border: sue everyone for everything because, hey, it’s not MY fault.

As the story goes, Ms. Nagy was acting without discretion behind her husband’s back, carrying on an affair with another man (I’m assuming it’s a man, but you never know). Once her husband found out via the consolidated Rogers bill, he left her and subsequently filed for a divorce like any normal breathing human being with any ounce of dignity would.


2010. The year of the cell phone fiasco.

There are times when you stand on the edge…..teetering like a drunken fool between that fine line which separates soothing sanity from raging madness. We’ve all been there, you included…. but probably me more so. You see, my life violates all boundaries of rational existence, with about 95% of my insanity deriving from parenting my 16-year old teenager.

So herein commences what I shall term the “cell phone fiasco”.

Mini-me’s cell phone (I believe her 8th so far) has been through the ringer, thrown into hell and resurrected twice since she’s owned it. And as a result, many components of this phone no longer worked, including the ability to talk to someone with it. So I, being THAT mom that spoils her rotten (yes, my bad), made the decision to pick her up a new cellphone a couple of Fridays ago. And given that I was in a pretty good mood when I ventured into this purchase, she ended up with a fancy little LG Eve smartphone running the Google Android system, complete with a 5 mp camera, full touch screen interface, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a $495.00 hit on my wallet (total cost).


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