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Suing Rogers for breaking up her marriage.

Now, let me start by saying that, as a whole, I’m not a fan of Rogers. Granted, they’ve done some REALLY great things for me in the past (note: cell phone fiasco). However, I still believe they’re pirate hookers when it comes right down to it.

With that said, the recent headlines around one Toronto woman – Gabriela Nagy – suing Rogers for what she terms a “breach of privacy” just reeks of a certain sentiment that’s prevalent south of the border: sue everyone for everything because, hey, it’s not MY fault.

As the story goes, Ms. Nagy was acting without discretion behind her husband’s back, carrying on an affair with another man (I’m assuming it’s a man, but you never know). Once her husband found out via the consolidated Rogers bill, he left her and subsequently filed for a divorce like any normal breathing human being with any ounce of dignity would.


What the f@ck?

I thought I’d start this new category of random thoughts and call it What the f@ck?. It all started when I was laying in bed the other night, fully engaged in another one of the battles between my body (which needs sleep) and my brain (which generally refuses to). I realized that, although my brain is constantly going a mile a minute, most of the thoughts that go through my head actually go pretty undetected at the “oh my god, where the fuck did that just come from” level. And even then, in most cases, that ‘oh my god’ moment is still at my deep-seeded brain level, as opposed to the place where I consciously reach over and type a note into my iPhone just so I can remember it. It’s difficult to articulate, so I’m not entirely sure I’m doing it well.

Nonetheless, I decided to start a list of things that randomly go through my head that I can lucidly bring to life in font. Keep in mind that they are mere pieces of a larger thought that are usually story-like and this is the introductory explanation to it. I’m going to be tracking them, so when you see a list suddenly appear, that’s what it is. But for now….I’ll add one:

“I don’t think I could ever saw through my leg.”
“Strange how the scariest moment of your life turns out to be the greatest moment of your life.”
“Why am I YouTubing ‘exploding whales’?”