Listen: Rhye

I took great pleasure the other week telling my good friend Derrick that the sultry, smooth voice behind Rhye was actually that of a man. As a long-time fan and listener of Mike Milosh, I recognized it right away the first time I heard Rhye (who Derrick introduced me to).

Derrick, on the other hand, has probably spent several evenings fantasizing about this beautiful goddess….an obvious twin to Sade based on voice alone. But in his defense, every early review of Rhye also indicated the vocals were female.

Rhye is Canadian Mike Milosh on vocals and Robin Hannibal – a Danish producer and songwriter. Their music pulls me in, wraps me up in a cashmere blanket and holds me close. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on their album early and I will admit – I’ve fallen fast and hard.

Their debut album “Woman” releases on March 4. You can follow them on twitter @RhyeMusic or visit their website.

Listen to:  The Fall, Last Dance, Shed Some Blood, 3 Days.

Below is the official video for The Fall. I really love the message it conveys…or at least the one I take from it: Never lose who you truly are.

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