An average 2 year old….

I weigh 129 lbs right now.

For those who know me, this is a lot. I’ve been quite thin my entire life (yes, piss off…I hate to use the word ‘skinny’). To put it into perspective, I topped out at 118 lbs when I was 9 months pregnant….and that was with a 7 lb baby inside of me and 2 double-D rock-solid boobs that were waiting to explode.

In the last 2 months, I’ve gained a solid 25 lbs…the weight of an average 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong – I have no complaints…(as long as I don’t think about the fact that I’ve gained a small child). On my 5’7″ frame, I’m actually looking pretty damn healthy for a change. And after weeks of consideration, I’ve narrowed the reason for this sudden weight gain to one thing – being single. Yep. That’s right. You see, having a man in my life (especially the ones I’ve been notorious for choosing) causes me great amounts of stress. When I’m stressed, I don’t eat. And when I don’t eat, I drop weight quicker than a guy drops his pants on a drunken Saturday night in Vegas.

My last relationship was a bundle of all things stressful. And even more so after it was over because, as the days and weeks continued to pass, all sorts of stuff happened that further supported me leaving. Tie into that the fact that I was in the process of selling/buying/moving to a new city.


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